Children’s party at pizza workshop

If trampoline jumping is becoming a bit stale already, let us invite you to an intriguing, creative and mind-bogglingly fun Pizza Lulu children’s party - pizza workshop. The friendly host will take children on a two-hour trip to the world of pizza. The host will tell them curious facts about pizza and reveal the main secret of making best pizza ever! Everyone will be able to roll out a pizza and choose their favourite toppings from the ingredients provided, to try and judge it with their friends. We’ll find out who makes the roundest pizza of all!

Wouldn’t this be a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday, a graduation, a name day, or simply spend time together? Well-entertained, well-fed children, and no need to clean the house for the guests! And there’s another bit of good news: parents get a 20% discount on the food they order for the duration of the event.

25 EUR per person
The price includes: 

  • Pizza (20 cm)
  • 0.33 l drink of your choice
  • Gift from Pizza Lulu
  • Host


  • We currently organise Pizza Lulu children’s party - pizza workshops at Pizza Lulu Vecmīlgrāvis (at 25 Skuju street, Riga), Pizza Lulu Tomsona (at 25 Tomsona street, Riga), Pizza Lulu Saharova (at 3A Andreja Saharova street) and Pizza Lulu Ādaži (at 8 Gaujas street, Adazi).
  • We host Pizza Lulu children’s party pizza workshops in Latvian and Russian, for 6 to 12 children.
  • Please book your party at least a week in advance.
  • If you want to bring your products to the event (cake, fruit juices, etc.), you will have to pay an additional fee of 15 EUR. At the same time, it is possible to buy additional drinks or snacks from our assortment with a 20% discount.

Children’s party at Pizza Lulu Vecmīlgrāvis

Children’s party at Pizza Lulu Tomsona

Children’s party at Pizza Lulu Saharova

Children’s party at Pizza Lulu Ādaži

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