Terms of use for the Lulū Store

Lulū Store provides food and household goods in Riga

Terms of delivery:

  • Place your order and get it delivered today within 2 hours! Or schedule an order for another day that suits you best.
  • Delivery orders can be selected at any time from 9am - 9pm. No matter - weekday or holiday - we work every day!
  • Minimum order amount in Riga is 20 Eur.
  • Delivery fee is 4.90 Eur


  • It is not possible to combine an order from Lulū Store section with Pizza Lulū section (pizzas, salads, desserts, drinks, specials). To place an order from the other section (from Lulū Store or Pizza Lulū), you need to complete the order in the previous section.
  • It is not possible to pay for your purchase at Lulū Store with Pizza Lulū Gift Cards.
  • The customer must make sure that the order is correct at the time of delivery, in the presence of the Pizza Lulu courier. If you find out that in your order is missing any of the attached goods, the customer will be refunded with the value of missing item.
  • 49 and 69 minute delivery guarantee from Pizza Lulu doesn’t apply on Lulu Store orders.

Order payment:

  • It's simple: place your order - make your payment – meet Lulū Store courier in just 2h!
  • For the corporate customers, there is option to receive prepaid invoices.