On what’s hot in the world of pizza
Tuesday, 23. July, 2024
Magda, Magdalēna, Magone, Mērija

Welcome to the new LuLu page!

Welcome to the new LuLu page!

We have made some pretty cool improvements so that you could quench your hunger EVEN faster. From now on, making your order takes as little time as waiting at a red light on your way home or to the nearest LuLu pizzeria. The new page fits perfectly on your phone screen – check it out! ;)

Another thing to note: after authorisation, your order details will be saved so you don’t have to enter them again next time. Convenient, huh?

Order your favourite pizza and choose additional toppings of your liking. Additional cheese, additional sauces and vegetables, additional meat and fish. Yum…

Oh, and don’t forget about our half & half pizzas! It’s an awesome chance to try out two different pizzas in one.

Convenient (ordering), quick (delivery) and delicious (food).