On what’s hot in the world of pizza
Thursday, 18. July, 2019
Rozālija, Roze

The small one is tagging along with the big one! Code RAINIS

Order large pizza, use the code RAINIS and get a samll sausage pizza for free

But first things first! Order any 45 cm pizza with delivery to your home. If you enter the secret code RAINIS, you will get a free 30 cm sausage pizza. As we said, the small one is tagging along with the big one. Because we have the fastest delivery in Jelgava! We will be there with your order within 49 minutes. If we don’t make it, it will be yours for free. If you live outside Jelgava City Centre, we will need a little more time to deliver your pizza. But no more than 69 minutes, that’s a guarantee! Sometimes we arrive sooner than expected. You will receive your order so quickly that you will want to make another one! Good thing this offer is valid  till 28 February. And it’s exclusive to all of you living in Jelgava! Order at lulu.lv, and we will give you a call when we arrive.

To get a free small sausage pizza - order a large pizza and enter the code RAINIS in Dāvanu/atlaižu kods before payment

Campaign period: 07.01.2019–28.02.2019