On what’s hot in the world of pizza
Monday, 15. April, 2024
Aelita, Gastons

The LuLu Valdemāra pizzeria is undergoing a makeover and will be closed from 1 until 25 October.

LuLu Valdemāra will be closed from 01.10.2018 until 25.10.2018.

Have a little patience! It’s about to get even better!

In the meantime, visit your nearest Lulū pizzerias: LuLu Tomsona (Tomsona iela 25) and LuLu Blaumaņa (Blaumaņa iela 5A).

During the makeover, BOTH of these pizzerias will work 24/7!

As per usual, LuLu Blaumaņa will work 24/7! And from 01.10.2018 until 25.10.2018, LuLu Tomsona will also be open 24/7!

Find your nearest and dearest Pizza Lulu! You have 14 options. Head over there or order online.
Did you know that you can now pick up your own pizza!?