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Tuesday, 28. May, 2024
Vilhelms, Vilis

Send your heart!

Send your heart!

A heart-shaped pizza with a heartfelt message

One pizza can say more than a thousand words, especially a heart-shaped one! Say thank you to your neighbours, who pretend they can’t hear your loud music in the evenings. To your friends, who petsit your bundle of joy while you are on holiday. To your girlfriend for having beautiful eyes. To your mum for always being there for you. You get the picture! A warm heart-pizza that brings a smile to the face and whets the appetite is exactly what you need. And we will write a special message inside the pizza box. A heat-shaped pizza with a message will be a great and heartfelt gift for any man or woman – whatever the occasion, pizza is always the right choice!

Send your heart! You’ll see a twinkle in their eyes and a smile on their face when they receive their favourite Pizza Lulu pizza in the shape of a heart! Bring joy to your loved ones, colleagues, friends or mum with a heart-pizza and a heartfelt message, which our pizza chefs will write inside the box themselves! Let your creative chakras flow and “cook up” your own little poem or choose one of the three Lulu greetings that we have prepared to make your life easier. Everyone will love it!

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