On what’s hot in the world of pizza
Thursday, 18. July, 2019
Rozālija, Roze

Pizza Lulu LielUPE in Jūrmala

Feel the breeze of the Baltic Sea and delicious Lulu pizza

After a stroll on the white, sandy beaches or a good concert, treat yourself to a proper meal at Pizza Lulu Lielupe in the Rimi shopping centre. You can enjoy your pizza wherever you want: order your favourite large pizza at lulu.lv and get a 1.5 l drink for free with the code UPE. Offer valid in Jūrmala only.

Pizza Lulu Lielupe delivers pizzas with a 49- and 69-minute delivery guarantee at any time of the day: 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Deliveries in Jūrmala are now faster and more predictable: if you don’t receive your order within the promised period, the delicious pizza will be yours for free.

How to get a free 1.5 l drink with the code UPE:

  • Order at least one large pizza at lulu.lv.
  • Before completing your order, enter the code UPE in the Gift/discount code field – free drink will automatically be added to the chart
  • Make payment and wait for your delivery. Also valid with PPP (Personal Pizza Pick-Up at Pizza Lulu Lielupe with 15% discount).

Offer valid until 31.03.2019 only in Jurmala