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Monday, 15. April, 2024
Aelita, Gastons

Pizza Lulu Gift Cards

Pizza Lulu Gift Cards

Is gifting prowess something you lack? Lulu will ALWAYS have your back!

Pizza lovers testify that Pizza Lulu gift cards work 101% of the time. The new design gift cards worth EUR 10, EUR 15 and EUR 20 are available at all Pizza Lulu pizzerias. Perfectly wallet-sized, they will always be there for a quick stop at one of our 17 pizzerias. Delicious pizza and a refreshing drink, soup and salad, or an ice cream on a hot summer day… Let the receiver choose whatever tickles their taste buds. There is no topping this present! Become the bearer of the best gift by purchasing a Pizza Lulu gift card today!

Remember that Pizza Lulu gift cards can only be used at Pizza Lulu pizzerias. They are not valid for deliveries. Gift cards must be redeemed in a single purchase. If the sum total is larger than the value of the gift card, the customer pays the difference. If the sum total is smaller than the value of the gift card, the difference is not refunded.

No more fretting over what to get your relatives, friends, colleagues or lovers – surprise them with a Pizza Lulu gift card!

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