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Thursday, 20. June, 2024
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Pizza Lulu e-Gift card

Pizza Lulu e-Gift card

An excellent gift for any holiday!

 No matter what you’re celebrating, pizza is the right answer! Give it to your girlfriend, colleague, grandpa, sister, umm… Well, you get the idea! With the e-Gift Card, the receiver can choose their favourite pizza. Four e-Gift cards for the joy of giving and receiving! €19.99 for a good start! A delicious large pizza at your doorstep is everything you could ask for! €29.49 will guarantee a decent meal. €49.29 will ensure a proper party, but for €95.19 you can even treat your neighbours! Choose whichever you want, but remember, e-Gift cards must be used in a single purchase at lulu.lv. A great gift for true pizza lovers that you can buy faster than cheese melts on a pizza – perfect for hasty last-minute gift shoppers. Receive your e-Gift card by e-mail and either print it out neatly and hide it under the Christmas tree or send it to the recipient electronically – in case Santa’s sleigh gets stuck in a heap of snow. One thing is for certain – you can please someone with a heartfelt gift. Because they say that the way to one’s heart is through their stomach! Birthday, first day of work, Christmas or Thursday – it doesn’t matter, because every day with Pizza Lulu is a celebration!

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