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Tuesday, 28. May, 2024
Vilhelms, Vilis

Pizza Lulū did more than planned

Pizza Lulū did more than planned

In 2018 Pizza Lulu did more than anyone had imagined

Who cares about New years resolutions – just do it! In 2018 Pizza Lulu (Later LTD) did more than anyone had imagined. It was a fantastic year – new pizzerias, brand new homepage lulu.lv, fresh taste in pizza menu, more and faster delivery cars.. So lets go through the year step by step.

The past year proves, that Pizza Lulu has no limits. We opened 5 new pizzerias in Pļavnieki, Vecmīlgrāvis, Tomsona street, Jelgava and Jūrmala. Our homepage www.lulu.lv got a new vibe by refreshing the look, adding additional options such as building your own pizza and the option to pick up your order in one of 16 Pizza Lulu pizzerias of your choice. It is also easy to use through mobile phone, so you can order your favorite pizza at the red light on your way home or to the nearest pizzeria. What more can you wish for!?

Piece by piece pizza gathers colleagues, friends and family. Welcome to our renewed pizzerias Pizza Lulu Valdemara and Blaumaņa, where pizza fans and families will feel like home (kids love our new kids’ pizza Teddy Lū).

Pizza is always the right answer. But which one do I want – that is the question. We brought fresh taste to our menu by offering new pizzas for vegans – Veg-Romano, Veg-Rembo, gourmet delight – Shrimp-Tiger, Champion, Chiquita, TunO, also Teddy Lu for kids and a special Pizza Patriot in honor of  Latvia 100 celebration.

We are crazy – crazy fast. We guarantee 49 and 69 minute delivery. If we do not make it in time, pizza is yours free of charge. But we know that pizza has to be hot to taste its best. So we extended our car park with brand new delivery cars, that have colorful, original designs by Unicorn Design.

A special surprise for last minute gift shoppers – we released Pizza Lulu e-Gift cards right before Christmas. 4 price categories will make both - the giver and the receiver - happy. The Pizza Lulu e-Gift card will be a great present for your brother, grandfather, sister, neighbor, colleague – well- you get the idea! Because every day with Pizza Lulu is celebration.

Pizza Lulu with more than 20 years of experience and 350 workers offers 24/7 pizza delivery in Riga, Jūrmala and Jelgava. Great produce, delicious pizzas and happy customers. That is Pizza Lulu!