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Monday, 22. July, 2024
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New Pica Lulū pizzeria at 2c Tērbatas street

New Pica Lulū pizzeria at 2c Tērbatas street

We celebrate the opening of a new pizzeria and offer a gift of 250 free slices of pizza

Pica Lulū opens the 17th pizzeria in 2c Tērbatas street, as the initial event of celebrating its 25th anniversary and presents 250 free slices of pizza on the date of opening – March 14 th!

It is the centre of Riga that has become richer by one more Pica Lulū. Now, next to the legendary flower market Sakta, you will be able to taste your most favourite pizza. It is especially useful at the moments, when you wish to please someone – a tasty pizza and flowers at your fingertips. The best pizza in Riga shall now be on the route of party animals, luring them with the smell of freshly baked pizza on a 24/7 basis.

On the date of opening, 14 March 2019, starting from 2:00 p.m. we will hurry to please pizza lovers with 250 free slices of pizza! Come, you will be able to receive a good meal! One person – one slice of pizza. Invite your friends and relatives to occupy the queue!

Pica Lulū is the largest producer of pizza in Latvia since 1994. The first pizzeria was opened 25 years ago in Valdemāra street. Pica Lulū in 2c Tērbatas street is already the 17th pizzeria of the chain. Guaranteed delivery of meals within 49 and within 69 minutes. No doubt – Pica Lulū has the best pizza in Riga!

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