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Thursday, 13. August, 2020
Elvīra, Rēzija, Velga

Changes in the working hours of pizzerias

Changes in the working hours of pizzerias

Dear Pizza-lovers!

Please be aware, that Pizza Lulū pizzerias working hours has been changed becouse of national emergencies due to the Covid-19.

However, Pizza Lulū understands the importance of every seconf when the belly is empty and under all circumstances, our delivery hours are the same – Pizza Lulū guarantees safe, non-contact delivery 24x7!

We will keep you updated on any changes.

Stay safe!

Your’s Pizza Lulū

Pizzeria Working hours from 17.03.2020.
A7 pizzeria (Ķekavas nov., Ķekavas pag., Krustkalni Džutas, T/C A7) (Mo - Su) 11:00-21:00
Ādaži pizzeria (Ādaži, Gaujas iela 8) (Mo - Su) 11:00-20:00
Āgenskalns pizzeria (Rīga, Mazā Nometņu iela 27) (Mo - Su) 11:00-21:00
Blaumaņa street pizzeria (Rīga, Blaumaņa iela 5A) (Mo - Su) 10:00-24:00
Imanta pizzeria (Rīga, Kurzemes prospekts 21) (Mo - Su) 16:00-23:00
Jelgava pizzeria (Jelgava, Raiņa iela 20) (Mo - Su) 11:00-21:00
Jugla pizzeria (Rīga, Juglas krastmala 2) (Mo, Tu, We, Th, Su) 10:00-22.00; (Fr, Sa) 10:00-24:00
Lielupe pizzeria (Jūrmala, Viestura iela 22) (Mo - Su) 10:00-21:00
Maskavas street pizzeria (Rīga, Maskavas iela 322) (Mo - Su) 11:00-21:00
Mēbeļu nams pizzeria (Rīga, Dzelzavas iela 72) (Mo - Su) 07:00-24:00
Saharova street pizzeria (Rīga, Andreja Saharova iela 3A) (Mo - Su) 11:00-22:00
Tērbatas street pizzeria (Rīga, Tērbatas iela 2C) (Mo, Tu, We, Th, Su) 11:00-21.00; (Fr, Sa) 11:00-24:00
Tomsona street pizzeria (Rīga, Tomsona iela 25) (Mo - Su) 11:00-22:00
Ulmaņa street pizzeria (Rīga, Kārļa Ulmaņa gatve 114A) (Mo - Su) 07:00-24:00
Valdemāra street pizzeria (Rīga, Zirņu iela 8) (Mo - Su) 08:00-24:00
Vecmilgrāvis pizzeria (Rīga, Skuju iela 25) (Mo - Su) 11:00-21:00
Vienības street pizzeria (Rīga, Vienības gatve 113) (Mo, Tu, We, Th, Su) 10:00-22.00; (Fr, Sa) 10:00-24:00