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Tuesday, 28. May, 2024
Vilhelms, Vilis

Ā-daži pizza

Ā-daži pizza

Hearty, filling and rich: a new pizza for Ādaži!

Ādaži’s citizens can be proud: now their town has its own meal, the Ā-daži pizza.

Celebrating Ādaži, we’ve created a new local dish of national significance: the Ā-daži pizza! If we play word associations, you won’t have to think for long to say:

Skrīveri — sweets

Dobele — cereals

Smiltene — cheese

Ādaži — pizza!

Āhh! Few people know that pizza’s origins begin somewhere in Ādaži! Ā-daži pizza is as hearty as Ādaži’s people! Cheese, chicken breast, bacon, cherry tomatoes, pickles, red onions and a special sun-dried tomato sauce, all on top of the special all-time favourite Lulū pizza dough. Finger-licking! You’ll have to be a little bit patient though! This special Ādaži meal will be presented at noon, on 1 June, at Gauja Festival.

The Ā-daži pizza will only be available at the Pica Lulū restaurant in Ādaži. You may call 80005858 to order a delivery: but only in Ādaži.

So don’t hesitate and come to Ādaži on 1 June, to be the first to try the town’s new attraction, the Ā-daži pizza.

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